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Crow and Nature series  

Crow and Nature Series

One morning, while living in Victoria, BC, in 2007, a tree in my yard was covered with crows on the day my dad would have been 100 years old. Thinking of them as spiritual messengers, I wondered what messages they had for me.

After taking a roll of film, I started my crow series and did some research, only to discover just how clever and interesting crows are.

My joy in hiking in the mountains has led me to extend my subject matter to landscapes.

Abstraction Series  
Abstraction Series

I love working with line, shapes, textures and colour! Abstract work can excite you and have your imagination run wild.

In my heritage paintings, “Faded Images: A Measure of Time” and “Shaping a Life”, script is used to give the paintings a sense of unity.

In non-representational paintings, such as “Opening II”, “Red”, “Time Travel” and “Sacred Ground”, composition, mood and movement are of utmost importance. These works must speak to you in their totality.

Found Object/Teabag Series  

Found Object/Teabag Series

For the past fifteen years, I have been gathering and incorporating found objects, such as “used teabags” into my artwork. Teabags have been mailed to me from around the world. I think of them as mini-recorders that contain the secrets revealed in conversation over tea.

Because of the repetitive nature of each piece, they tend to be meditative. “ Coventry I” was based on the stained glass windows of Coventry Cathedral in England and exudes an ethereal quality. These works invite the viewer to daydream, meditate and use his/her imagination.


Close-up of Teabag Art - Coventry I

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