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Natalie at an art show  

My artwork is a result of observation and contemplation of my life’s experience with a dose of imagination. Usually, I begin with a strong, personal feeling or idea, something that moves me. I start each painting with a plan and then, allow it to change and take form in the making. Working in mixed media, through “process” and layering, allows me to infuse my work with some element of surprise and mystery, adding a new dimension of interest to each piece. I have learned to trust my intuition as I add and subtract various elements of design - motifs, colour, and texture - with an assortment of mark-making tools to my paintings.

In much of my artwork, strong pattern, repetition, script and textures are evident. I have found that script has added an exciting new dimension to my work and helps connect it to my inner thoughts and feelings.

I cherish being involved in the visual arts and in having the opportunity to spend much of my days in a creative mode.


Close-up of Teabag Art - Coventry I

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